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Lawn Talk : Advice from the Pros

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Watering :

How often should I water my lawn?
Your lawn needs about 1" of water a week. Place a small plastic container or can out in your yard to measure rainfall/sprinkler output if you don't have a rain gauge.

What time of day should I water?
Early in the morning (5am!) is best. The water is likely to evaporate if you water midday while watering in the evening increases your lawn's chances of disease.

Should I water my lawn everyday?
Generally speaking, it is best to water deeply (30 mins per zone average ) every other day vs watering 10 mins everyday. This allows the water to get down to the depths of the roots. It depends on the weather conditions also. If we have extreme drought , you would need to water more. If we have a wet season, like this year, you would water less.   

Should I water after each application?
The fertilizer we apply will be watered in if you follow the watering instructions above. Watering in within 4 days is beneficial for all the fertilizing .   If you do not have the ability to water ( except for whatever rain we get )  then the only application we strongly suggest you should water in is the grub application we apply to most lawns in the summer.  We recommend it be watered a day or two AFTER the application . This helps to get the material into the soil quicker so it is more effective. 

Here is a great write up on watering you can read and or print off . 

We are not licensed to take care of moles. 
A helpful link on moles: 



How high should I mow my lawn? 
We recommend at least 3 1/2" high. Also, make sure your mower blades are sharp!

How often should I cut it my lawn?
You should never be mowing more than 1" or 1/3 of the surface at a time. This generally requires mowing more often in the spring and fall.

Should I bag the clippings?
NO! Leaving the clippings returns valuable nutrients to your lawn. Returning clippings also helps shade the soil surface and reduces moisture loss due to evaporation. The exception to this is if your lawn is very high and the clippings would leave "clumps" . 


Best done in late summer/early fall. Rake out the areas, applying about 1" of topsoil and overseed . We recommend Sunny grass 
seed from Scotts. Then keep it watered.